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CineStream TV Barbados

We are an online entertainment company focusing on the distribution of Barbadian film & video content via digital platforms such as the Web, mobile and digital T.V networks.Cinestream offers its viewers entertainment that's truly Barbadian delivered live or on-demand with our special blend of programs including sports, movies, dramatic series and cutting-edge news shows.

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About Us

Cinestream offers its viewers content that's truly Caribbean, delivered live or on-demand with our special blend of programs including sports, movies, dramatic series and cutting-edge news shows. We leverage Internet networking technologies to distribute our film and video content making it accessible on your desktop, your smartphone or tablet and smart TV devices ... whenever you want and wherever you are. The content can also be for advertising, special events such as trade show and conferences, and many other applications.

What We Do

CDN Cinestream


CinestreamTV is an emerging destination for content producers, channels and businesses who want to distribute video and audio content to large numbers of viewers. We are determined to be the best streaming service provider, so we never stop upgrading our technology and making improvements to our network. We have a staff of highly skilled programmers who develop the solutions that set CinestreamTV apart from our markets competitors.

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CinestreamTV is developing a number of streaming channels and applications across all major platforms, including iOS, Android, Roku, and Smart TVs. We have significant experience in bringing broadcasting to the PC, Mac, mobile, OTT and IPTV devices.



CinestreamTV provides a state of the art application development for iOS, Android, Roku, and Smart TVs. We can create your own unique app or have your content be made available on all CinestreamTV and partner touch points.

master control


CinestreamTV has become a premier destination for master control operations. We can create and help you manage your own television network and make it available for broadcast and cable distribution. If you prefer you can also create your own IPTV channel or multiple channels both live and on-demand. Of if you we can run it for you and eliminate the hassle of running a master control.



Need television shows, movies, or other long or short form video content to supplement you channel lineup. CinestreamTV is the place for you to get the necessary content you need to fill up your schedule. We work with a number of partners catering to a number of genres to satisfy your needs. Let us help you with revenue sharing content or perhaps produce exclusive movies and television shows for your network.

Video Production Service


Our team includes a wide cross section of entertainment specialists with year of experience in this ever evolving industry. Whether you need concept development for an original show or the production recording of a live, outdoor event and have it streamed to the world, Cinestream has the resources to bring the idea to life, making it accessible via the multiple digital channels.

Our Team

Steven Williams

Chief Executive Officer

Ryan Gilkes

Chief Operating Officer

Jamarr Als

Content Manager/Marketing Assistant